Posted by: borntobead | June 20, 2012

KBB Blasts

One from the past:

One for the very near future!
June 22 Mugshots (Bloomington, IL)

Have a rockin’ week!
Lisa :)

Posted by: borntobead | June 12, 2012

Summer Rocks (especially for KRIS BELL fans!)

Kris shows galore!

That is what this summer holds. 

 A few more to go this month… and 8 in July.

Whooo hoo!  Kris Bell and the band will be keeping people all over moving to the music!  I have 3 particular favorite shows…. since I get to be there for them ( :) Yee haw!)  but ALL of them will be awesome!  I know it.  You know it.  SOON…. even more people will know it – those people who get to see them play for the first time this summer!

June 16 in Arab, AL at Jekyll and Hyde’s
June 29 in Tullahoma, TN at London’s (ac0ustic)

Get out there and see some live Kris Bell music this summer!  Get out there and share some Kris Bell music!  AND… watch for more shows to pop up and eventually that new EP.  It’s gonna rock!

“See” ya soon!
Lisa :)

(P.S.  Sorry for no blog last week… the end of school was killer LOL!)

Posted by: Laura | May 29, 2012

Enjoying a Kris Bell Summer!

Yesterday was the unofficial start to summer, and looking at the Kris Bell show schedule, it’s going to be a hot one!  The one I’m most looking forward to is HogJam Music Festival July 29 in Hillsboro, Ohio – about 90 minutes from where I live.  YAY!  It’s the perfect weekend for following Kris and the boys around, too, since there are shows the 27th (Tullahoma, TN) and 28th (Madisonville, KY).  It’ll be a weekend of friends, fun, and rock n roll!

In addition to that weekend, the Kris Bell Band will be playing a number of big shows:  Kingsport, Tennessee, opening for the Pat Travers Band at Conley’s Overlook on July 6, and Arthur, Nebraska, opening for Shooter Jennings at the Sandhills Summer Jam on July 13.  In and around these shows are many others – in Tennessee, Alabama, Missouri, and Nebraska.  The band will be keeping VERY busy in the months to come.

While you’re waiting for the boys to get to your neck of the woods, you can help give the gift of Kris’ music to those listening to Nebraska’s ROCK 100 FM.  Call toll free to 866-535-1007 and request Kris’ tunes!

See you this Summer!

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